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KIPP St. Louis

152 Employees | 8 Years

Serving as a catalyst for education reform by establishing and supporting a world class network of public schools that develop in all of their students the knowledge, skills, character and pursuit of excellence necessary to succeed in high quality high schools and colleges and the world beyond.

Mission Statement

KIPP St. Louis requested funding from The Dana Brown Charitable Trust to underwrite the cost associated with Chrome books and libraries for new 3rd grade classrooms and KIPP Victory Academy.

KIPP Victory Academy’s mission is to develop in all of their scholars the knowledge, skills, character and voice necessary to achieve victory in post primary school, college and the world beyond. All KIPP Victory Academy scholars must possess exceptional reading, writing, and speaking abilities. It is also their belief that in order for our scholars to have impact it is critical that they are able to express themselves in writing and speech. In order for their scholars to have access to the world he must be able to access a variety of texts and styles of writing, ultimately at advanced levels. Chrome books and libraries are critical to achieving the KIPP Victory Academy mission, an endeavor that would not be possible without the support of The Dana Brown Charitable Trust.


With the support of The Dana Brown Charitable Trust, KIPP St. Louis was able to supply 3rd grade classrooms with a full library.

It is KIPP Victory Academy’s belief that in order for our scholars to engage and compete in the world and be advocates for themselves and others, they must not only be literate but also be able to solve complex mathematical problems and understand numerical relationships, have a vast knowledge of the sciences, and be fluent in important historical events and individual contributions. In order to develop such scholars, they have designed an academically rigorous, college prep curriculum for their scholars that is actively supported by the library and Chrome books The Dana Brown Charitable Trust helped fund.