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Little Bit

13 Employees | Founded in 2001

Helping disadvantaged school children by creating a positive impact for personal growth, increasing self-esteem and encouraging a more focused and active learning environment. This is done by building strong relationships and partnering closely with St. Louis schools.

Mission Statement

Little Bit has grown from a primarily a service organization to the backbone of support affecting the overall community of each school they adopt and the more than 7,000 students they serve. Much more than ‘stuff’ they seek to affect the whole child – mind, body and spirit – in order to provide the best opportunities for learning for the students they serve. Their ultimate goal is to help break the cycle of poverty in St. Louis and positively affect the overall community.


The Dana Brown Charitable Trust support helped The Little Bit Foundation serve 6,500 children in 23 schools during the 2015-16 school year, breaking down barriers to education for children living in poverty.

A few highlights from the year: 6,000 Volunteer Hours were provided by an army of volunteers who work in their Distribution Center and in their schools; they delivered 10,930 orders and distributed a total of 134,041 items; 39,537 Books were distributed helping their students build their personal libraries. They had tremendous impact in their Health and Wellness Programs: 513 Students received Health Screenings, with 135 Referrals; 3921 Students received Vision Screenings, and 391 Eye Glasses were provided; 2004 Students received Dental Hygiene Education; 18,019 Food Kits Distributed, a total of 36,028 meals.

By providing these critical programs and services they seek to increase attendance, decrease discipline issues, positively impact reading proficiency, improve classroom engagement and increase each students self-esteem.