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Animal Protective Association of Missouri

92 Employees | 101 Years

Animal Protective Association of Missouri

Mission Statement

The Animal Protective Association (APA) of Missouri is an innovative and progressive leader in animal welfare dedicated to bringing people and pets together, advancing humane education, and creating programs beneficial to the human-animal bond. With a 101-year history in the St. Louis region, the APA helps over 6,000 pets find safe loving homes each year. Thousands more are helped through wellness, outreach, and supportive programs that keep pets healthy and with the people who love them.


The APA has been working on behalf of animals and their human companions for more than 101 years. We are more than a shelter—we are truly a community resource! Not only do we bring people and pets together through adoption, we help keep them together through outreach and education programs.

Dana Brown Charitable Trust has been a funder for our programs that meet their mission and guidelines which include:

Education Programs: Children and their caregiver adults learn empathy towards people, animals and the environment at our Center and through community/school-based programs. From animal-themed story time for preschoolers, anti-bullying programs for elementary students, and animal welfare courses for adults, we have something for everyone. In 2022, the APA expanded its offerings to include animal themed kids camps where elementary-aged students participate in games and activities exploring pet care, animal safety, and careers in animal welfare.