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Endangered Wolf Center

15 Full-time Paid Staff | 45 Years in Service

Preserving and protecting Mexican wolves, red wolves and other wild canid species, with purpose and passion, through carefully managed breeding, reintroduction, and inspiring education programs

Mission Statement

The Dana Brown Charitable Trust helped The Endangered Wolf Center fund an Education Facility that serves as a destination for visitors looking for a safe, fun, family-oriented experience that is rich in educational value and unique in setting. Promoting education and understanding about wolves is the third pillar of The Endangered Wolf Center’s legacy. They deeply appreciate their unique ability to observe and care for wolves, swift foxes and painted dogs firsthand, and are excited to share this with their professional peers as well as their guests.


Funding from The Dana Brown Charitable Trust helps pay staff and trained docents who educate visitors about the animals and the role keystone species play in balancing ecosystems. These individuals also lead on-site programs, and give visitors the rare opportunity to see and hear wild wolves.

Additionally, with the support of The Dana Brown Charitable Trust, the Education Facility is able to provide a classroom for camp programs (for children ages 6-13) while serving as a means for the Endangered Wolf Center to instill a sense of environmental stewardship in each guest, providing a heightened awareness of the plight of the wolf, and focusing on the actions needed to help conserve wildlife and wild places.