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Great Circle

1,050 Employees | Established 1832

Reshaping vulnerable lives through a community of partners, teachers and leaders, giving children and families the confidence to create bright futures.

Mission Statement

In 2014, the Dana Brown Charitable Trust generously supported the renovation, improvements and increased capacity of Great Circle’s St. Louis campus. These improvements are a key component of Great Circle’s campaign, For The Path Ahead, which is transforming the campus into a Regional Family Engagement Center, significantly increasing access to behavioral and mental health care for their community’s children and their families.


With support from the Dana Brown Charitable Trust, Great Circle’s campaign, For The Path Ahead, will result in direct services to over 5,500 children and family members in the St. Louis area each year. Great Circle will increase access to skilled therapist, social workers and accredited educator for families struggling with behavioral and mental health issues. The St. Louis Campus is being transformed by these new initiatives:

  • 15,500 sf Community Impact Center for assessment, admissions and counseling
  • 14,000 sf addition to the St. Louis School, with classrooms specifically design for children on the autism spectrum
  • 6,500 sf Field House designed for the special recreational and play therapy needs of the children they serve
  • 20% increased capacity in their 24/7 residential therapy programs
  • An attractive, safe and inviting campus, with family gathering areas serving prominently as a new, welcoming “front door” to the St. Louis campus

As a result of the support from the Dana Brown Charitable Trust, Great Circle will help each child overcome the effects of trauma, with the goal of facilitating positive decision making, inspiring personal growth, and realizing improvements in health, academic achievement and social skills. This investment from the Dana Brown Charitable Trust will impact the lives of children and families today, and for generations to come.