Collaborative Initiatives

After 24 years of philanthropic support for institutions concerned with the health and welfare of animals and children in the St. Louis region, we’ve built an extensive network of nonprofits whose interests, programs, and missions align. We are gracious and honored by the relationships we’ve built. We are also excited about the opportunities for positive impact that we have yet to discover.

It is our vision to further enhance our community’s efforts through initiatives focused on working together. Part of our funding focus in 2017 are¬†nonprofits that actively collaborate with other nonprofit organizations. Additionally, we are partnering with¬†philanthropic subject matter experts to seek out and identify innovative and enthusiastic nonprofits that, for one reason or another, specifically benefit from this type of collaborative support.

Our current grant recipients are critical to the success of our collaborative efforts. This new initiative will never diminish our commitment to those institutions. Rather, a mindset of community and partnership for success will guide all of us to greater heights in the years to come.


Recipient Showcase