St. Louis Organizations Come Together to Provide Learning Resources to Area Students Amid COVID Pandemic

At Dana Brown Charitable Trust, we are forever fortunate to witness up close the unwavering kindness and hospitality displayed by those in our St. Louis community, especially in dire and unprecedented times of need.

As the St. Louis region reacted and adjusted, along with the rest of the world, to the “New Normals” of the COVID-19 pandemic, a small group of the city’s passionate nonprofit professionals quietly sprung into action to help area students continue their education outside of their recently locked down classrooms.

In the early stages of statewide pandemic-related closures, representatives from The Magic House, Nine Network, and Turn the Page STL began coordinating on initiatives to help area students in need, including many without reliable Internet access. Together, their coordinated efforts provided more than 1,100 students with hands-on supplemental resources and educational tools that could be used from home while schools and community facilities remained closed due to the pandemic.

These efforts included:

  • The distribution of 100 PBS KIDS Playtime Pads (kid-friendly tablet devices equipped with educational games, videos, and resources operable with or without internet access) for preschool students at Atlas Public Schools
  • The assembly and distribution of 2,000 Learning Resource Kits complete with art supplies and at-home activity workbooks for children in the neighborhoods nearest to The Magic House’s MADE for Kids makerspace
  • The distribution of 75 PBS KIDS Playtime Pads and Learning Resource Kits to the students of Hamilton Elementary

Make no mistake, these contributions were made possible only through the generosity of our charitable partners: The Magic House, Nine Network, and Turn the Page STL.

“We are honored that the Dana Brown Charitable Trust is partnering with The Magic House, along with Nine Network, to provide thousands of makers kits to the children in the neighborhoods around The Magic House – MADE for Kids,” said Beth Fitzgerald, President of The Magic House. “With schools and museums closed and families isolated in their homes, we are committed to continuing to inspire creativity, curiosity, joy and wonder in the lives of children who need us most.”

On behalf of Dana Brown Charitable Trust, we are privileged to be part of a vibrant St. Louis community that not only rises to unforeseen challenges, but unites together for the advancement of education and the overall greater good of our region’s youth. We’re grateful for the unwavering cooperation, creativity, and perseverance of our Magic House, Nine Network, and Turn the Page STL partners, whose teams work tirelessly to improve educational opportunities for children throughout the greater St. Louis area.

The Dana Brown Charitable Trust is proud to partner with these organizations to better serve disadvantaged children in the St. Louis region.

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