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City Academy

50 Employees | 18 Years

Transforming children, families, and our community through exceptional education and bold expectations that empower children to overcome barriers.

Mission Statement

City Academy serves children and families with economic and geographic barriers to strong education options – 90% of their students reside in unaccredited or underperforming school districts and 100% of their students receive scholarships to attend City Academy. Dana Brown generously supports their scholarship fund to ensure we are able to serve a growing student body.


City Academy’s primary objective is to prepare their students for rigorous educational environments and place students in high-performing secondary schools, enabling them to attend college and pursue enriching careers.

  • Scholarship support has allowed City Academy to grow their student body from 140 in 2011 to 190 students this year.
  • They now have 170 alumni, almost 80% of whom have returned to City Academy to volunteer their time.
  • 100% of their students graduate and enroll in high performing secondary schools; in 2016, 100% of their graduates were accepted to the region’s top independent schools.
  • 100% of graduates that participate in their Alumni Support Program enroll in college and most receive full academic scholarships.