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Nine Network

50 Employees | Established in 1954

Igniting the spirit of possibility in our region, the Nine Network gives a voice and vision to a democratic society.  In St. Louis, the Nine Network serves that purpose—engaging and entertaining the community with the diversity of ideas, issues, discourse and experiences that inform our present, guide our future and illuminate a wider world.

Mission Statement

The American Graduate initiative, which has been led nationally by the Nine Network of Public Media since 2011, is helping our country understand why students are not succeeding in school and the solutions to improve outcomes for the entire community. Through American Graduate, public media stations across the country are bringing partners and communities together to align priorities and student supports, helping to put all students on the path to success. The Dana Brown Charitable Trust has thrown their generous support behind this initiative, benefiting the Nine Network of Public Media, the St. Louis community, and this national effort as a whole.


Thanks, in part, to The Dana Brown Charitable Trust

  • Across the country, 128 public media stations in 49 states are working with 1,700 community partners to improve youth outcomes.
  • More than 21,000 content hours have been produced and broadcast around core education themes, such as early education, student engagement, and college/career readiness.
  • More than $17 million in local support has been raised by local stations from 200 funders.
  • And 86% of partner organizations view their local public media station as an essential partner, while 90% of viewers believe public media plays an essential role in their communities.